Sunday, 18 July 2010


Bon jour from Saint Agnes,

Richard was pleased to see us, he had polished the house, we were greeted with flowers and chocolates and an enormous Dog! Millie has doubled her size (and weight) and has the run of the joint!

Thank you heaps to all our friends who have kept an eye on Richard, he had more dinner dates than the Queen and was very spoilt. So were we, as Marg and Kingsley had filled our fridge with a delicious meal to come home to.

The last ten weeks now seem like a dream but its so good to know you enjoyed sharing it. I loved France! You never know what may happen in the future....Still haven't seen the top half.

The dog just walked in the door with mud on its feet, the washing machine is ready for the next load and there is a heap of Accounts to be looked at. Bang! Burst! Back to normal. Ha!

Bon Nuit mon chere amies. Merci beaucoup pour votre compagnie!

Love Ros.. and Kate...and Kim.

Thursday, 15 July 2010


Bon jour, or should I say Good day from Singas! Pore that it!

It was great to catch up on all the news with Kim and Kate over champagne in Paris before we found an unusual Parisian restaurant where we had Potted Escargo entree as part of our last dinner.

Unfortunately, the next morning our cab collected us at 9am. I didnt realise it was Bastille Day. All the main Rues were cordoned off for the Bastille Day parade. Fancy missing out on that! Merde! But I can tell you it is one sided, as the girls were over France.

We all agreed we have loved our holiday, although they feel the other nationalities they encountered were far more friendly than the French.

CDG Airport was crazy, but we are here without a hitch and today Kate and myself did a tour of the Island whilst Kim tried to catch up on some much needed sleep.

Will do one more blog soon after we arrive home. Just to let you know the bubble has burst! Ha!

But until then mon amies...Bon nuit!

Love Ros, Kate and Kim xxx

Monday, 12 July 2010

Bon jour mon amies,

Yesterday morning I went to a market displaying old books, flowers and exotic birds! Afterwards I bought a ticket on an open top bus tour, it was really good. You get on and off as you please and of course you get a commentary which is interesting. Walked miles and came back exhausted and burnt. But it was all worth it.

On one of the bridges people lock engraved padlocks onto the walls pledging their love for someone. Mills and Boons stuff, but cute all the same.

There are 4 different routes the bus takes so I went on some more today.Viewed a couple of art galleries. Checked out the shops as all the sales are on. Very upmarket shopping area near the Hotel, Tiffany, Rolex, Vitton, etc etc.

I am able to say that I can now comfortably walk into a restaurant on my own, although it is something I could never get used to.

The quest for the best Creme Brulee has ended. It has been decided that the French can not make Creme Brulee as well as our own Lizzie!

What did you all think of the World Cup? Well Spain is delighted. Half of Spain is in France so I am not assuming the above. The Spanish men are very loud and love to wear white, including white patent leather shoes! Paris was abuzz as the rest of France and the world last night for the World Cup.

Tomorrow the girls return and we leave Wednesday. Cant believe we will miss Bastille Day! Next time......

Bonne Nuit, Love Ros xxxxx

Saturday, 10 July 2010


Bonjour mon amies,

Well here I am back in Paris after an uneventful train trip through some amazing lavender fields and old farming villages.

Staying in a nice hotel in the 1st Arondissement near Jardin Des Tuleries where lots of people are relaxing in deck chairs under the trees. Its 10pm and still daylight.

Seeing the Eiffel Tower again today was as exciting as the very first time. This 2000 year old city can pull a crowd thats for sure.

The girls are enjoying Berlin and looking forward to a canal cruise in Amsterdam with Kelly and Jules. They return to Paris on Tuesday. But we dont want to think of Tuesday because that means we have to think of Wednesday! (Ha! Say no more)

I do wish you were all here!

Love Ros xxxxxx

Friday, 9 July 2010


When I arrived in Montpellier I immediately liked it. Sure it has its seedy side, dirty beggars on the streets with mangy dogs, gypsy's on the footpaths and doorways breastfeeding other gypsys kids. Begging sounds of 'Madame, Madame si'l vous plait, si'l vous plait???" Drunks in the parks drinking cheap cans of beer at 8 in the morning and still there late at night. Rubbish loaded high on the footpaths in front of the apartments. And dogs shit.... everywhere!

But, the place has character, it has ambiance, its entertaining, its pretty, it has an interesting population and it has a constant party!

This afternoon I called into say goodbye to Paul and Francene. What "bonne chance" that I stayed with such a great couple. They currently have a 19 year old Arabian student living with them .He is doing a 3 week course in French. I didnt want to stay for dinner so made pathetic excuses about packing. Truth is, after 2 hours of fairly formal talking in french, I was stuffed. Its hard work.

AND......I didnt know Montpellier was throwing a party, just because I am leaving! I walked down the two flights of stairs and said goodbye to Madame and Monsieur, opened the door, couple of steps out into the square, and VOILA!

There was a Food and Wine evening happening with stalls, music and people galore. I bought some nougat, a pair of silver earings and then ate half a doz fresh oysters for 5 euro. As I left, more bands were setting up, party lights were turning on and everyone was in full swing.

Now, I really dont want to leave. Cest formidable!

Arvoir mon amies. Love Ros xxx

Thursday, 8 July 2010