Thursday, 8 July 2010

Bon jour mon amies, Keeping warm I hope?

Had planned "take two" to Toulouse on Wednesday. BUT....the train broke down on the way, so after little thought, I decided to get off half way at Carcassonne, a breathtaking, fortified walled city which is surrounded by fields of sunflowers. Has to be one of the prettiest towns with its yellow and orange houses displaying blue shutters at the windows, and had to be the day my camera battery exhausted!

It took two trains to get home! I was a little stressed. Where's Thomas when we need him?

This morning I reluctantly caught another train to Nimes. (No probs) Then a bus for 3/4 hr to Aigues Mortes a fortified town in the Carmargue. I walked on top of the wall surrounding the city, there were salt pans in the distance, swamps and the odd medieval tower here and there! Inside, the houses were decorated with pottery of blue and yellow, every rue invited a photo, the squares were full of restaurants, spraying fine mists of water to cool the patrons.

In the afternoon I took a boat cruise on the canal to see the "Gardians" on their white horses. They were working the bull's herd preparing for the bull fights. Apparently the French do not harm their bulls.

On the way back, in another canal ......................lo and behold there were heaps of Flamingos in the marshes! Rumour has it, that they are pink because of the salt pans??!! I was so happy to see the flamingos but cant even show you a photo as the camera battery exhausted again. (Merde)

Arrived home late but elated that there were no problems with the trains. The Flexi pass has been good value.

Bon Nuit, love Ros xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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