Monday, 5 July 2010



Ever wondered how they get the bubbles into a bottle of Perrier water? This and many other questions can be answered, if you too, take a tour of the natural springs in Nimes where Perrier is bottled. The Ferias (Bullfighting festival) was in June, Stevie Wonder played at the Ancient Arena last night.....and I visit the spring water Plant!

Truth is, I had time to kill before I caught the bus to Pont du Gard, which is about 20 kls out of Nimes. The 3 tiered aqueduct was built around 19 bc to bring water into Nimes. The scale is huge, 35 Arches on the top tier and its at least 50meters above the River Gard below where some brave and hot people were swimming. After walking across the top in the heat, I nearly jumped into the River myself.

Later, back in Nimes I called into the Halles (Food market). Just love going to the Halles in any town , where fresh food of everything and anything is available ,you can see in the photos.

This morning the train due for Toulouse was 'en retard" late! Instead of waiting the hour or so I changed my ticket to Nimes. Travelling alone is stressfull, I am always worried I may not get back as some of the buses are unreliable. Maybe I am getting a little home sick!!!????

Hope you are all keeping warm...Love Ros xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. sorry,no photos of Pont du gard...having an off day. Ros xx

  2. Come on mum! Didn't spend hours teaching you how to upload photos for you to have an 'off day'!

    Love Kate and Kim (in Prague) xx