Tuesday, 6 July 2010

In search of the Flamingos

Bon Jour,

Bit of a slow day today.I spent most of the morning in bed with Bernard................................
Schlink that is, author of the book "The Reader".

This afternoon I caught the bus along the marshes looking for the flamingos. I know they exist because they are pictured on all the post cards and people I know have seen flocks of them floating on the banks, BUT......I still havent. Not a one!

Today in le Comedie Square the markets were all about leathers from Spain. Lots of handbags, shoes and jewellery. Also a tennis court set up where participants kicked the small tennis ball over the net with their feet. Very clever.

And then, the Spanish dancing. A band of 5 men singing with only a drum and one guitar whilst the dancer tapped her heart out. It really was fantastic! If I ever work out how to put a video on blog I can show you.

Back to warm days with a little breeze...heaven.

Au revoir mon amies, Love Ros xxxx

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