Monday, 12 July 2010

Bon jour mon amies,

Yesterday morning I went to a market displaying old books, flowers and exotic birds! Afterwards I bought a ticket on an open top bus tour, it was really good. You get on and off as you please and of course you get a commentary which is interesting. Walked miles and came back exhausted and burnt. But it was all worth it.

On one of the bridges people lock engraved padlocks onto the walls pledging their love for someone. Mills and Boons stuff, but cute all the same.

There are 4 different routes the bus takes so I went on some more today.Viewed a couple of art galleries. Checked out the shops as all the sales are on. Very upmarket shopping area near the Hotel, Tiffany, Rolex, Vitton, etc etc.

I am able to say that I can now comfortably walk into a restaurant on my own, although it is something I could never get used to.

The quest for the best Creme Brulee has ended. It has been decided that the French can not make Creme Brulee as well as our own Lizzie!

What did you all think of the World Cup? Well Spain is delighted. Half of Spain is in France so I am not assuming the above. The Spanish men are very loud and love to wear white, including white patent leather shoes! Paris was abuzz as the rest of France and the world last night for the World Cup.

Tomorrow the girls return and we leave Wednesday. Cant believe we will miss Bastille Day! Next time......

Bonne Nuit, Love Ros xxxxx

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