Saturday, 10 July 2010


Bonjour mon amies,

Well here I am back in Paris after an uneventful train trip through some amazing lavender fields and old farming villages.

Staying in a nice hotel in the 1st Arondissement near Jardin Des Tuleries where lots of people are relaxing in deck chairs under the trees. Its 10pm and still daylight.

Seeing the Eiffel Tower again today was as exciting as the very first time. This 2000 year old city can pull a crowd thats for sure.

The girls are enjoying Berlin and looking forward to a canal cruise in Amsterdam with Kelly and Jules. They return to Paris on Tuesday. But we dont want to think of Tuesday because that means we have to think of Wednesday! (Ha! Say no more)

I do wish you were all here!

Love Ros xxxxxx

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  1. Well Dear Ros im feeling sad this will be my last chat with you until you and the girls are
    home,i have so enjoyed YOUR holiday/experience.Thanks for sharing it with us all. May you enjoy your last moments just as you did your first,all my prayers are with you for a good journey home. THEN be prepared for long phone calls filling in lots of details!!!


    love leeann and co xxxxx