Saturday, 3 July 2010

Bon Jour Mon amies, Still bloody hot here in Montpellier. Yesterday I took it easy just couldnt get the energy to go anywhere so in the afternoon I checked out the sales and did some food shopping. (Its a hard life)

This morning I met Francene under the huge Magnolia trees in the park for Thai Chi. It was a great 2 hours. Afterwards Francene, Paul and their daughter Sevrene ( who is visiting them from Montreal) came to look at the apartment and stayed for lunch. It was fun but a little stressful and I was happy when they left as I found it hard to converse with the daughter, she spoke so fast! In the end I just made out I understood what I didnt!

Paul and Francene were as sweet as ever. Tonight they have another student coming to stay with them for three weeks. He is a 19 year old Arabian. Sevrene who is 26 is about to travel along the coast to Bulgeria where she is working in a camp for 4 weeks. I am sure she gave me every detail about the camp and her life but I couldnt tell you very much of it. In fact....I think maybe the week on my own has not been as good for my French as I thought. Comme si comme sa.

The Monsieur in the boucherie understood me. I bought these little courgette (Zucchini) souffles. They were light as a feather and delicious. A rotisserie Chook cost 5.50 Euro. About the same as home although ours are much tastier. I feel very proud to be Australian when asked where I come from , the French know Sydney, and they all tell me how hot Australia is. Well if it aint hot here!!?????

Kate and Kim are in Vienna, they are both in bed for the day.Kate has the flu and a temp and Kim has both eyes infected with conjunctivitis. They are not happy to be missing out on Vienna.

Montpellier is preparing for world cup quarter finals tonight. The atmosphere is inviting. Hope you are all enjoying it at home.

Bon Nuit. Love ros xxxxx

Photos; 2 x Avignon, the petit local corner shops. La Corbeille and La Boucherie/Charcuterie and some left overs from lunch.

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