Sunday, 18 July 2010


Bon jour from Saint Agnes,

Richard was pleased to see us, he had polished the house, we were greeted with flowers and chocolates and an enormous Dog! Millie has doubled her size (and weight) and has the run of the joint!

Thank you heaps to all our friends who have kept an eye on Richard, he had more dinner dates than the Queen and was very spoilt. So were we, as Marg and Kingsley had filled our fridge with a delicious meal to come home to.

The last ten weeks now seem like a dream but its so good to know you enjoyed sharing it. I loved France! You never know what may happen in the future....Still haven't seen the top half.

The dog just walked in the door with mud on its feet, the washing machine is ready for the next load and there is a heap of Accounts to be looked at. Bang! Burst! Back to normal. Ha!

Bon Nuit mon chere amies. Merci beaucoup pour votre compagnie!

Love Ros.. and Kate...and Kim.


  1. Bubbles always burst but home is nice too. Loved your adventures and photos.

  2. Hello Ros

    I have just dropped in for a squiz of your blog - we have a mutual friend in Pauline Earl? I am a fellow blogger in South Australia with a passion for France (and Italy, for that matter). You have some beautiful photos there and I will have a good read through your adventures and try and convince my hubby we MUST visit there again soon!

    Cheers - Joolz