Friday, 9 July 2010


When I arrived in Montpellier I immediately liked it. Sure it has its seedy side, dirty beggars on the streets with mangy dogs, gypsy's on the footpaths and doorways breastfeeding other gypsys kids. Begging sounds of 'Madame, Madame si'l vous plait, si'l vous plait???" Drunks in the parks drinking cheap cans of beer at 8 in the morning and still there late at night. Rubbish loaded high on the footpaths in front of the apartments. And dogs shit.... everywhere!

But, the place has character, it has ambiance, its entertaining, its pretty, it has an interesting population and it has a constant party!

This afternoon I called into say goodbye to Paul and Francene. What "bonne chance" that I stayed with such a great couple. They currently have a 19 year old Arabian student living with them .He is doing a 3 week course in French. I didnt want to stay for dinner so made pathetic excuses about packing. Truth is, after 2 hours of fairly formal talking in french, I was stuffed. Its hard work.

AND......I didnt know Montpellier was throwing a party, just because I am leaving! I walked down the two flights of stairs and said goodbye to Madame and Monsieur, opened the door, couple of steps out into the square, and VOILA!

There was a Food and Wine evening happening with stalls, music and people galore. I bought some nougat, a pair of silver earings and then ate half a doz fresh oysters for 5 euro. As I left, more bands were setting up, party lights were turning on and everyone was in full swing.

Now, I really dont want to leave. Cest formidable!

Arvoir mon amies. Love Ros xxx

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