Sunday, 4 July 2010

Dimanche in Montpellier (Sunday)

Bon Jour mon amies, Last night Montpellier was sweltering, it was 34 deg in the apartment at midnight! OK I admit it, the French are good, but, no air-conditioning! What the!

Even my bright idea to see a film was squashed when Monsieur told me "Il fait tres chaud" Its too hot to show the movie's today!

The centre square was all but deserted, Spanish dancers cancelled their act and even the normally packed bistros could not pull a crowd with their huge water misted fans propelling under the umbrellas.

I called into the Museum knowing I could cool off in air-conditioned comfort, there is a massive screen on the wall showing delayed, slow motion photographic images of the public as they enter. Little did I know that was my entertainment for the day.

When I ventured outside there was a huge storm brewing. Bring it on! Soon the skies opened, thunder cracked and it poured. I was a long way from home but walked in the rain anyway. The markets were awash as the vendors tried to pack their goods away . It was good to walk without the stench of dog wee and poo on the pavements.

So there you have it, the mundane life of a day in France..But, tomorrow should be better as I am off to Toulouse!

Allez-y doucement!

Love Ros xxxx

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