Sunday, 13 June 2010

Aix en Provence

Saturday we travelled with a group of French students from another school in Montpellier to Aix en Provence, by bus. It was really hot and It’s about here that I must tell you the girls did not want to go as the tour and commentary was only in French! I convinced the girls to go as Aix is known for its specialty of 13 desserts on 1 plate!

Aix was nice, more of the same beautiful Cathedrals, narrow streets, busker’s and lots of sweet shops. Aix en Provence specializes in a French biscuit of an almond/sugar mixture on top of a communion wafer. We also discovered that the plate of 13 desserts is only a specialty served on Christmas Day after midnight! I was not popular!!!!!!!

The French artist 'Paul Cezanne' lived in Aix in the late 1800s, of course the French have an artist of some sort to brag about in each city. But one gets saturated with history after 6 weeks! But we never tire of the markets! They were huge, food, clothing, antiques…great stuff, it’s a pity we can’t carry more home.

It is hard to find a loo in Aix, or for that matter, anywhere in France! After the long bus ride, the information centre told us to go across from the fountain and down the stairs to find a public loo. When we arrived we found an old lady with one tooth and 2 dogs in charge of the toilets…. 50c later, as we walked past men doing their thing at the urinal, we were shown the squat loo’s. Oh yuck. The French may have famous artists but their dunnys leave a lot to be desired! After that experience we crossed our legs for the ride back to Montpellier!

Today, Sunday, after having a dozen oysters fresh from the market for lunch (bargain at 8 Euro) we revisited the Fabre museum to look at the classical furniture collection which was displayed in an elegant old hotel; afterwards we watched the volley ball competitions in the square and had a cold beer and coffee, as the weather (a humid and hot day) changed with a nice cool breeze, we listened to a summer thunder storm and watched the amazing clouds fly over the city!

World Cup fever continues here! Bars, streets and restaurants are full of eager fans cheering and yelling no matter what the outcome!

Last day with the girls tomorrow before they head back to Paris and travel off for 4 weeks through Europe.

Love Ros , Kim and Kate xxx


  1. Hi Ros! You've been in France for 6 weeks, and that's how long it has taken me to figure out how to sign on... I have so enjoyed your adventure, and the photos. They bring back such memories. And then of course, the food.... I'll keep watching and dreaming. Love, Marie

  2. Hey--I'm here too. Those Yanks!! Well...I can remember Aix and Marie and me giggling about the glass view. Supposedly when we were in the loo in the middle of the walking "mall" we could see out but no one could see in. Did you miss that experience? There was a beautiful Art sale and it was quite amazing. We were there in the Fall and it was truly lovely. Enjoying your posts eating your way around France. Did I mention Weight Watchers??? Tell 'em to bugger off!
    Love, Jo

  3. Hi Ros, where are you, im sitting with tea waiting for next chapter! I guess that means i should be having my own experiences!!!! But have been seen around Perth asking for french food(like i have seen in the photos i explain!)they are not feeling for me and i order something in hope of closing eyes and are there with you. Cheers to the girls on their next adventure cant wait for those photos too.Watching and waiting Leeann and co in Perth xxxxx