Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sunday on my own!

Its not right that I have this apartment all to myself. It has two large bedrooms, a kitchen,and a lounge /dining. The furniture is the best part. The proprietor told me the wardrobe in one of the bedrooms belonged to his wife's great, great, grandmother.

The app. is on the 2nd floor, (More stairs) and there is a Madame who lives on the third floor who is 94! It must take her all day to go up and down.

I went to the local vendre where I had to be patient, the owner served one person at a time talking to each customer and wrapping each item individually. A lot of old people go to the one little shop for most of their daily goods. I actually felt a little French in there as we all chatted together. I think I am going to enjoy this part of my holiday.

Josh called in on his way to the Gare. He is off to Bordeaux for another 4 week course of French ,and then to South Africa for a 3 month study course for uni. What a life for a 26 year old. Josh and I became great friends and I hope he will visit Australia one day.I certainly will miss him.

Spent the rest of the day just enjoying the apartment.

Bon Nuit,, Ros xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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