Friday, 18 June 2010

The house I am staying in does not have the internet. A few local bistros brag of having free wifi but its not always available. At last, today I found a hotel that has free wifi, providing you buy a wine or a coffee. I conned Josh into coming with me, my wine cost 3 euro and his gin and tonic cost 8.50euro! It was expensive wifi for him. And for me, I excitedly opened computer to find lots of mail, and THATS when the battery went flat. I forgot to take the adaptor.Ha!

Monday, french class went well, it was our teachers 26th birthday, she is such a pretty intelligent girl. We bought her flowers and she was really embarassed.Dont think it will help with my test results though. !!!

Tuesday I went to Paris with the girls.When we arrived (3 hr journey) there was a manifestation! No taxis could reach the TGV Station as the roads were blocked, the metro also suffered, so it stopped. We waited in line for over an hour and finally the girls caught a cab to their hotel. I stayed at the railway stn to return to Montpellier as I was afraid I might never get back. During the wait we met a great retired American couple from Colorado. Their son is a pilot for Delta airlines and they fly business class all over the world for nothing. They pack light, each had a small bag on wheels. So, instead of waiting hours for a cab, they got onto a taxi scooter with their small bags, he with his walking stick, and her (probably about 70 years old) with her backpack, off to their destination!

Before we left home we bought a eurail pass, so the trip to Paris and return didnt cost any extra. I love the TGV, Its so quick, clean, quiet inside and comfy. Its 2 storied so you get a good view. Lots of people take their computer on the train and some take their dog, often in handbags. The scenery from the train is so picturesque. Ornamental trees and arches of grapevines and statues are common on roundabouts on the main roads. A patchwork of green and gold crops border the train track the entire length of France I am sure. Grapevines everywhere. The train passed lots of tall wind farms and small lakes reflecting the red tiles of the maisons surrounding them. Vegetable crops galore, fruit trees and more grape vines. No wonder the wine is so cheap here. Oh, and I havent even mentioned the rivers and dams. Little villages dotted all over the countryside surrounded by hedges and lush trees. And, what about this....rice fields. They grow rice, not to mention lettuces (for the skinny bitches) raddishes, artichokes, strawberries, cherries, zucchini, rhubarb, tomatoes, almonds, avocados, did I mention grapes! Tout le monde is green! I saw all this between Montpellier and Paris.

Wednesday after class I felt a little lost, first day without catching up with the girls. Josh and I went to book a train trip to Marseille for Saturday.That evening, Paul served artichokes for dinner. I have never had them before. (Apart from in the jar of oil as anti pasta) he explained how to sit the plate on the knife so that the juice would run out of the veg. We ate them with a vinegarette dressing. One kinda chews the soft meat from the leaf, discards said leaf and then onto the next one.(Thank goodness he was showing me what to do, cause I thought the leaf was a bit tough to eat.)

Paul is a sweetie. His wife Francine works, he is the cook. Another night he cooked muscles. Everynight the meal is interesting. Usually 3 course.And everynight the conversation is about, war, politics, economics, and so on. Everyone must have an opinion and everyone must have fire in their belly about their opinion. ALL THIS IN FRENCH, I am usually exhausted at night.

Thursday today. Test day at French class, for the first time I was not stressed. Might be when I receive it back tomorrow. Ha. After french today I went to the square where the markets of the day were linen and bedding . All beautiful provincial quilting. The volley ball competitions are still happening and live bands play during the breaks.The courts are surrounded by plastic blow up chairs and spa's! All the cafes and bistros facing the square have buskers of some sort doing their thing. World cup fever still dominates every conversation.

Au revoir mon amies.


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