Friday, 18 June 2010

The Bike Ride

Bon jour tout le Monde.

Still beautiful weather here. This am before French we went to hire a bike for the day.The bikes are good, each has a locking chain and they only cost 2 euro for the day.

After French lessons, Lois the New Yorker, Josh the Bronx student and moi, set off for a day at the beach. It was a great ride along the canals and I was keen to see the famous flamengo's that habite in the swamps near the sea. After a ride of about 15 klms we arrived at Palavos and had a picnic lunch that Lois had prepared earlier. Of course we had a bottle of wine. 3 euro!

Checked out the markets, pretty good. Lots of the bistros displayed huge trays of paella with enormous prawns and muscles. Afterwards we hit the beach. Lots of topless girls on the beach. Josh was very patient considering he was in public with two old bags. Ha

The ride home was something else....not a flamengo insight (normally lots of pink ones) and we had a head wind! The track is not exactly flat, so it took twice as long to get back. It was as we turned a corner and came to a bridge that Lois did a dive into the hedge on the side of the road. Eventually we found her, unable to move as the bike was on top of her. Its not funny, but...I have only known Lois in the french class. She is pretty good at french. Lets just say, it was not french that she was speaking at that time! She is a very good sport and managed to make it back even though she had a very bruised and scraped arm. Not to mention her pride.

Paul cooked Casserole of Rabbit for dinner tonight. Cest Tres Bien.

Ce tout. Love Ros xxx


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