Thursday, 24 June 2010

Montpellier Thursday..test day!!

Bon jour tout le monde,

Another beautiful day in Montpellier,lucky it is as we had tickets for an outing after school today and were unable to go.........yeah guessed it.....another manifestation. Of course the shine has come off now that I am being affected. Never mind we can go another day. I have learnt that there are so many of these manifestations because the government does not look after the workers. France has no retirement scheme and people are really stressed over this. They also loose a days pay by taking part in the manifestation.

I have just heard that Julia Gillard is our new PM! Boy, I am really out of it. I had better do some homework it may be a topic at the dinner table tonight.

We had our last test today at school. AFTERWARDS...... the teacher made us correct our own test in the class!! I have struggled this week. One more day to go.

I did however manage to get my hair cut and coloured yesterday. It was challenging as the girl spoke no English (which was good for me) and I left poor but happy. Richard, please send more money.xx

Last night Francene took me to Musee Fabre where we viewed Houdin's sculptures.I leave the family on Saturday, but because I am staying on in Montpellier I hope to keep in touch with them.

Today I took part in some "serious people watching" and I have come to the conclusion that to be French you have to be capable of the following:

Women, always wear leather shoes, the higher the better. Soft lace skirts, soft flowing scarves, hair a la natural not necessarily combed, very little make up, excellent skin and of course always have a cigarette in hand. Never completely smoke it all. Must be able to walk up hill on cobblestones in high shoes looking natural. MUST BE A SKINNY BITCH.

Men, always wear leather shoes, scarves (not necessarily for warmth), Jackets (often linen) over jeans or any trousers and a carry bag.

All of the above have an aperitif before a meal when in a restaurant, have lots of patients in restaurants when being served. After all they are there for the experience and to look good, not necessarily to eat much.They are able to avoid the eyes of the gypsy beggars who plead for money or food. And any person who drives must be able to manoeuvre a vehicle around small corners on narrow uphill roads full of people. Bike riders must have good brakes as downhill trips can cause some angst as people suddenly appear out of doorways in the narrow roads. Above all, one must like dogs!

Talking about dogs, last night I watched a man with 2 dogs. One was skateboarding! I kid you not!

Ce Ros xxxx

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  1. Hi Ros, sounds like all is going well and the girls are also having a great time.
    Yes Julia the prime minister how is that!! Poor old Kevin has done his dash!!!

    I had a great time in SA Leeann is still there at her mums, she comes back next Wednesday. We had a great time in the Barossa for a couple of days and we thought of you often!

    We saw Uncle Lawrie on our way through, I dont think he will be going to France!

    Spent a couple of nights at your place with Richard and his new girlfriend Millie! I cant believe he is totally dominated by the dog!!! She is beautiful!!

    Cheers and lots of love

    Chris and Leeann and kids