Sunday, 20 June 2010

Lazy Sunday in Montpellier

Hallo Lovleys,

Lois, the American student from the French class invited Josh and I to lunch today in her rented apartment. She loves cooking. Yesterday she caught a bus to an Arabian market for some spices and treats. She has been visiting France every year for 20 years.

We had a delicious lunch, tres authentic and Provencial. Later in the afternoon we went to an art and glass display where Lois purchased some glass jewellery and plates. I am going to miss Josh and Lois when they move on next week.

Sorry no photos on blog. Will try tomorrow. Until then, hope to hear from someone. I think my email may be out of order. I have a back up

Love Rosxxxxxx

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  1. Reading, but have just seen Joy and Russ off to White Cliffs after a Grumpy Goddess week end in Broken Hill. I head home tomorrow.
    Must all have lunch when you get home.
    still loving your adventures. Penny