Monday, 21 June 2010

Montpellier .... fete de la Musique

Bon Jour tout le monde.

Big things happening here in Montpellier. Its fete de la musique day. This is a day in France when music is played all day and into the night. Everywhere! All over France.

In fact, it was celebrated in Adelaide on Sunday and I know the girls from Alliance Francais whom I learn french with, sang French songs in Rundle street! Clap Clap Tres Bien Girls.

This morning I woke to the sound of a piano accordion playing gently on the Rue below my window. I know its too good to be true. One can only adore the French when they play their music with such enjoyment.

During our class I found it hard to concentrate as a trio at the bottom of our balcony played folk music. And this is how the day has continued.

This afternoon I visited a Museum on the outskirts of Montpellier. It was all about food through the ages. Spent 3 hours there, it was great. When I arrived home there was a Magician on the corner of our Rue with an interested group surrounding him. Nearby was a clown with a dog who had a rat on its back! The clown was moon dancing. (Anything goes)

I climbed the 2 floors of stairs into the apartment and by the time I reached my room I heard the sound of drums. Hang out of the window and down the Rue came dancing girls followed by a band of drums. It was great. All the people were hanging out of their windows.

After dinner Monsieur Paul went to see a classical orchestra in the square, Josh went to see a rock band around the corner and on my way to the internet hotel I saw heaps of musicians. Monsieur Paul and Madame Francene told us not to expect to sleep tonight!

BON FETE JOUR. love Ros xxxx

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