Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Hot Montpellier!!!

Bon Jour all from hot, hot Montpellier! Its hard to believe that we are sweltering over here and at home everyone is freezing. Its currently 9.15 pm and still stifling hot. (tres chaud) .

Today all the sales started in Montpellier, there has been a big build up and when I walked into town I couldnt believe the people shopping. All the women are dressed beautifully to shop. Its a fight to get into the boutiques when half of the people take their dogs shopping! I was FORCED into buying a pair of shoes, and I found lots of boutiques in little rues I hadnt been to before.

Had a conversation with Eric the boulanger (baker) at the bottom of the apartments, this morning. The proprietor told me to go to him if I had any problems. Eric talked so fast I couldnt understand him. Thats because he was speaking Spanish! He sent me off with 3 long baguettes and a large bag of croissants, I tried to tell him there was only me, but I think he couldnt understand my French!

The area I am in is so very different to where Francene and Paul live. I think its the league of nations here. Lots of Spanish, Italians, Africans, Arabs, you name it. Many women wearing the Hi-jab. Its multicultural to say the least. The French embrace all cultures, but they are not happy with women wearing the Berker.

Have just read "A year in Provence" by Peter Mayle, given to us by Colleen. Paul and Francene gave me the copy in French so I will attempt to read it. Tomorrow I go to Avignon in Provence which is the area that lured me to France. Its only half hour by train so if its as good as I think I will go daily.

Have to share the photos of the apt with you, it has character, I hear the church bells ringing every day. In the evening one can hear the clink of plates as other residents cook their dinner. The aroma from the boulangerie wafts through the staircase and the smell of the nefines (sp) (A Spanish fruit similar to apricots) greets me in the morning when I open the windows. The trees are as tall as the 3 story building.

BonNuit, Ros xxxxxxxxxx

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