Wednesday, 2 June 2010


BONJOUR TOUT LE MONDE; Today after my class Josh, Kate, Kim and myself caught a bus to the coast to a beautiful Mediterranean beach side town called Palavos. Flat, clean, sandy beach with clear water. Very pretty. Its a holiday spot, lots of families playing ball with wooden bats. Of course topless girls everywhere, the French are so comfortable with themselves!

We found a nice little boulanger where we ate lunch before a long walk on the beach. Josh went in for a swim and loved it. We wandered around the Marina and canals full of yachts and coloured fishing boats surrounded by baskets of nets and fishing gear. I would love to be there on market day. We discovered little cobble stone rues (streets) and of course the never ending tables and chairs in the squares set out for refreshments. We forced ourselves to rest in the shade of one and have an ice cold beer. They went down very quickly (not french etiquette at all).

All in all a great day at the beach, BUT, now I must leave the exhausted girls and the net book and return to my home for dinner (formally served at 7pm) and homework. More about that tomorrow.

A Demain.

Love Ros Kate Kim.xxxxxxx

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