Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Bon jour from McDonalds.

Yep, this is where I am. this is where the free wifi is. The only complaint I could make about the house I am staying in is that they have no internet. And it is the last thing I would complain about as looking for free wifi has broadened my outlook on life that is for sure. I have used Bistro's, Hotels and quick food joints. Probably something I would never do at home.

Last night Montpellier enjoyed its music. After I emailed the last blog I walked around some Rues and first found an entertaining trio with 2 eukalailis and a violin. Every rue had music of some description. One group consisted of a young Bob Dylan look a like and they were great. Finally I came across a group with bongo drums. 4 men and a woman. Hippies. FANTASTIC! The crowd was in full flight dancing from Rue to Rue. In the square were rock bands, you name the style of music and it was available. I didnt realize it was midnight until I arrived home!

The music was still going at 4am and at 5 am the street cleaners commenced!!!! They would have had their work cut out as all the young people were off their heads and glass bottles were everywhere.

Needless to say I didnt get much sleep. This morning when I went to school the town was as clean as a whistle. All ready for the next event I guess.

This morning at school Madame Director called me into her office. I still do not know why??! She told me her real surname is Hamilton! She married an Australian. This Madame Laru business is just a fa├žade. Its Bizarre! She is now my 3rd best friend in France. But, I still do not know why.

We lunched on fresh, huge oysters at the market for 3.50 euros for 6.

A Demain. Love Ros xxx

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