Saturday, 19 June 2010

Hi Mum!

Hi mum,

Kim and I are hijacking your blog again to let you know what we are doing... Hope that's ok?

It's our last night in Switzerland, heading back to Annecy in France tomorrow before we go to Nice.

Yesterday Kim and I went to a local Swiss chocolate shop and watched a demonstartion on how they make their chocolates, truffles, cakes and Florentines. But best of all there was free tasting! Even better was the fact that only 4 other people were watching this demo, so the samples were very generous! Of course I responded with a big spend afterwards in the botique.... Who can say no to Swiss chocolate?

That night we had a traditional Swiss meal, starting with salad and cheese fondu with rye bread, then a main of a sort of chicken stew and potato rosti.... And just to make sure out arteries clogg properly, chocolate fondu with fruit for dessert!! That was all washed down with some steins of the local beer and glacial water....

Today we headed for a day trip to 'Jungfraubahnen' (pronounced young-frau), known as the top of Europe. We left interlaken on train known as the Harder Klum, taking 'Murren Railway' an amazing, almost vertical train trip that takes you 3571meters up to the mountains through rural picturesque villages, waterfalls, wild deer and amazing wild flowers. A real engineering feat!

A long 2 hour journey and a freezing train ride led us to a fog covered 'top'. Not being able to see the view the place was known for we headed through the ice palace built on top of the mountain, we braved the weather and went outside into the snow, while it was snowing and attempted a snowman, but cloud was so thick we couldn't see our feet! The glacier was closed due to the weather, so we took a further climb to the highest peak, known as the Sphinx. Where we ventured out into a slightly more freezing -7 C!!!

After 2 hours we found it difficult to stay up any longer, altitude headaches (at this height we were getting 1/3rd less oxygen than we're use to) were setting in so we decided to take the train back down to town.

There is a fantastic traditional drumming festival on here tonight, bands are set up with traditional Swiss outfits and plenty of beer amongst the locals has already been consumed well before the festival has started (you can tell by the grown men in the streets with their hands around eachother singing French/Swiss/German songs).

Although they are so close, Switzerland it very different from France, looking foreward to heading eastward!

Hopefully email you again when we get the Internet.

Love Kate and Kim xx

P.S. I've done this on my phone so sorry for mistakes :)

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