Sunday, 27 June 2010

Saturday and settling in.

Bon Jour mon amies.

Sat morning Francene asked if I would like to join her for Thai Chi in the park. We were there for two hours and even though I struggled with the language it was fun. I bonded with Madame Francene at Thai Chi.

In the afternoon I moved into an apartment which I have rented for 2 weeks. Although I am looking forward to having my own space, I will definitely miss the family and their beautiful home and every thing about them.

In the evening I returned for dinner. It was a special day for Paul (naming day) and also to celebrate Josh and I leaving.

We had a platter of fresh oysters and muscles. They were delicious and if I had known more was to come...we had traditional french salad served with a pastry with 3 pate's and a blood sausage called Boudin Antillais! Afterwards a frozen gateau of chocolate glacee (icecream) with berries.

Josh and I gave Paul and Francene a small gift and we received the traditional three kisses on either side of the cheeks. We all complimented each other and I felt it was very genuine, we were a good mix.

I could hardly walk home to my apartment where I slept like a log!

Bon Nuit Ros xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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