Saturday, 5 June 2010


Yesterday was tres occupee (very busy) sorry no blog! French lessons were great and NO HOMEWORK. See, the french do have hearts.

Different markets in the Plaza de comedie yesterday, linen, plants, jewellery and Indian foods. As it was so hot we watched a movie at the girls apartment. In the evening I left them at the shops (of which there are many) and went home for dinner. Monsieur Paul cooked cod from the mediteranean with onion, lemon and herbs served with steamed veg, wine, and afterwards, the platter of cheeses with bread and fruit. Very simple healthy cooking.

At dinner the conversations was about the Euro plunge, the nationalities of Europe and the wars, and finally the Commonwealth......this lead them to tell us they loved the song "God Save the Queen" which they both sang! They do not like their own national anthem as it is about killing, this is where I took the opportunity to brag! Tomorrow I will give them the written version of our song in French, I hope they dont expect me to sing it!

After dinner I went with Josh to the Promenarde du Peyrou where we saw the Faculty of Medicine founded in the13th century, its still used today although part is museum, the plants from nearby botanical garden are used in the medical faculty. We watched the sun set over the medieval wall which surrounded the city years ago, there were folk singers, dancers and gypsy beggars. The streets were full of diners at every bend.

Today, the girls and I returned to the Royal gardens on the Promenarde for a picnic lunch. It was hot and we were unaware that a Mardi Gras was in the making. A large group of Lesbian and Gay men were preparing for a parade, so we had our own little show to watch as we ate our lunch.

Another manifestation today. There has been one every day. Today the french were expressing their angst against Israels latest stunt.

Happy Birthday Aunty Leeann! Your candle is not on the cake because it is still burning in the Cathedral where we left it for you! We might just have to go and get a glass of Vin tonight for a toast!

Love Ros, Kate and Kim xxx

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