Friday, 11 June 2010

Thursday 10th and Friday 11th Montpellier

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH PUCKRIDGE!! We hope you have had a great day. We have a candle for your Birthday from a Monastry/Abbey called Saint Lauren built in 1206 in a small village called Saint Guilhem le desert! The things we do for you! xxx

Yesterday (after class and stressfull test) we caught a local bus to a small village an hour away, changed to another bus and eventually arrived at our destination of St Guilhem le desert. The little village built in a valley and on the banks of a river grew around an Abbey in the 11th century. Not much has changed. The houses, with their sun bleached roof tiles and distinctive Roman windows have beautiful thistles called "cardabelle" attached to the doors, they predict the weather, closing up when rain is on the way.

We had a picnic prepared by the girls, on the river bank and had just finished our wine when the cardabelle thistles closed. Consequently we spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the village surrounded by Mountains full of Roman ruins, caves and aqueducts. It poured with rain, and as the water ran through the tiny Rues out to the river we thought how good it would be to have it at home. The little village has a medieval square dominated by tall trees planted in 1855. We decided to have coffee and crepes whilst Josh tracked in the rain. Its all about choices isnt it? Who wants to track in the rain when you can have traditional French crepes! Arrived home wet, late and tired.

FRIDAY 11th Montpellier.

French this morning was good. I received my test and didnt do as bad as I thought, you have no idea the relief I feel. Having a slow day today. Have lunched in the girls apartment and as its raining but not cold, we are returning to the Fabre Museum/art gallery.

Ca Va ! Au revoir.
Love to all Ros Kate and Kim XXX

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  1. Hi Ros and kate and Kim, we are all enjoying your stories every day. Thanks for the birthday wishes for Leeann and now Josh.

    I spoke to Richard today, he sounds good and is heading to the shack tomorrow. I am heading over on Monday, Leeann is staying back here for a few days as Emily has gone down with glandular fever (right in the middle of exams) seems to be a family thing as Josh had it as well when he had uni exams a couple of years ago.

    We are all well and just loving your stories.

    Love Chris, Leeann,Josh,Tom and Emily..and Alby..xxxx