Monday, 10 May 2010

5 ways to hide your tartare de boeuf from the waiter:

  1. Fill hollowed baguettes with as much raw beef as possible.
  2. Rearrange the dinner plate by hiding raw beef under the lettuce.
  3. A few spoonfulls of raw beef gently folded into napkin
  4. Fresh flowers arranged in raw beef, easily disguised in vase
  5. If all else fails, there is always the neighbouring customers handbag


Shops all closed between 12 to 2pm (French lunch break) , we thought we would have a nice lunch in a special restaurant. After a good half an hour trying to read the menu with Monsieur Julienne, we thought we should order before he lost his patience.

“Un Magret canard griott, un poisson du jour and un tartare de boeuf, Merci monsieur “ we ordered.

Out came the bread, and shortly after our meals were served. Kate’s fish (Tinned salmon) was served with tinned tomato and frozen veg (Kate said she has had better in a microwave meal). Ros, under cooked duck with lots of fat served with 2 minute noodles also with tinned tomato and Kim, a massive serve of raw minced beef. Well, it was mixed with beautiful herbs and spices. Obviously not what Kim thought she ordered, but not wanting to insult the waiter who thought it was Kim’s favourite dish, she suffered in silence. We could not stop laughing because we all recalled Mr Bean trying to hide his raw meat in a restaurant. Needless to say we left hungry...and poor.

Richard, can you please send more money? Ha!

The shops are great, no more expensive than home. The women’s fashion is so feminine. Every second shop, a shoe shop! Jutta, you are going to be in heaven over here.

Still can’t get used to customers bringing their dogs into clothing shops and restaurants, Kate had an interesting encounter with a dog trying to steal the jacket she was aiming to try on in a change room!

Called into our favorite boulangier on way home. Happy Birthday to you Jutta. We are celebrating your birthday for you. Had to spend 2 euro for the candle in the Cathedral, hope you like it (pity we forgot the lighter).

Au revoir!

Ros Kate and Kim x


  1. MMMMMMM - always like my beef not too well done, but that is taking it a bit far!!
    You need some worcestershire sauce on it - makes it yummy!!
    Bum - just burnt our lunch reading your blog and writing this - and laughing about the Mr Bean skit that would have been going on in the resteraunt - terrific!
    The cakes all look much better anyway! Kristina is wishing she was there for the retail therapy - I am sure she could do some serious damage!!

    Cheers Osmob xx

  2. Ros
    Enough with the shoe shops, she doesn't need any encouraging in that department. Reading your blogs we are getting more excited by the day. There goes my diet
    love Richard G