Saturday, 22 May 2010

Last day in Annecy

Today was the most beautiful day, 23 degrees; we hired bikes and rode a long, long way around the Lac. Stopped on the lush, glossy, green lawns for our lunch of baguettes with the ducks and hundreds of tourists and locals who flocked to the Lac to strip off and sun bake. When we say strip off, we mean strip off! The French are very natural people and anything goes.

Bikes, motorbikes, scooters, roller blades and skateboards are common everywhere in France, so they have great bike tracks, which make riding a lot of fun. (Although Kate wasn’t laughing when she lost her shoe and I rode over it). During the afternoon we stopped at a bar for a cold drink and ordered 2 coca colas and an orange drink. Took some time for the cokes to arrive, and eventually the waiter (an older guy who looked to be drinking the profits) bought out two croques (cheese on toast). No wonder we didn’t get the cokes. Must practice this language a bit more. Ha. Our drinks ended up being a trifle expensive as we had to pay ten euro for the croques! Didn’t want to give the Aussies a bad name.

There are heaps of tourists in town for a big volley ball competition being held on the lawns around the Lac. A few weddings, musicians on piano accordions sauntering up and down the promenade, water sports, it’s was full of atmosphere and heaps of fun.

We passed the Grand Casino, The Hotel De Ville and some pretty gardens. (I think this is where Kim and her bike had a head on collision with a gate! After we made sure the gate was Ok, we continued on our way!) You should see the size of the Poppies. They are huge.

The many glaciers were jam packed with just about everyone in Annecy ordering ice-cream, biggest decision of the day was what flavor as there were over 50 to choose from.

This evening we sat on the balcony of our apartment and watched the sun disappear around the snow capped Mountains and finished off our 2.50 Euro bottle of Vin. Probably won’t be able to walk tomorrow (from the bike riding not the wine)!


  1. Hi Ros - what is it with you and Kate's feet, at least it was only her shoe this time. I can't believe how amazing the food looks and how well it is displayed. Kelly and I are spending the day together as it is her last week here. Went out for a meal last night with my lot and tomorrow night going out to dinner with Jules and his parents. Keep on having fun xxx Colleen B.

  2. WOW, you girls are having the time of your lives! Sounds like a movie script out of a romantic chick flick. Brilliant.
    Lots and lots and lots and lots of rain here at the moment. Not much else to speak of, nowhere near as exciting as your current adventures. Andrew is due to make Adelaide this Saturday, their trip blog is -

    Keep up the good fun, food and tales of adventures french style.