Thursday, 13 May 2010

Blue Skies

Today's weather reminded us so much of this song, we woke to our first blue sky since being in France, but it quickly disappeared behind grey clouds, at least it didn't rain!

We woke early today to join a two hour walking tour of Bordeaux city. Its such an amazing old town (claimed by the French as the world capital of wine), much bigger than Tours and filled with history and culture. There is amazing 18th century buildings, and a huge redevelopment of the quays is very striking. Cruise ships often come to weigh anchor along the Bordeaux water front along the Place de Quinconces, the largest square in Europe. The Place de Quincones is pictured above from the waters edge with the ingenious "Mirror of water" feature in front of the square. The Mirror of water sprays a fine mist of water from the ground for a few minutes, before filling the square with a thin layer of water to create a mirror, that reflects the major pieces of architecture on the other side. The water slowly drains away, and the spray begins again roughly every 15 mins.

After our walk we found a Turkish/French pizza cafe for lunch, which served us a warm goats cheese pizza with pecans, raisins and pineapple drizzled with honey (was actually quite amazing) and a type of 'meat lovers' with spiced prosciutto and goat cheese. It was such a great find and good fusion of styles! Then of course we had to stroll the streets and have 'du cafe' with 'un patisserie'. Just so we didn't have any guilt for eating pizza and cake for lunch, we shopped the famous Rue Catherine, a street 1.2km long, full of shops.

We almost felt good about ourselves but a bag of French nougat took care of that on the way back to our petit-residence, to rest for tomorrows adventure!

Au revoir pour maintenant!

Ros, Kate & Kim x

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  1. Are you managing to get to Rochefort? It is where Nicolas Baudin was and is an absolutely amazing and wonderful town,french navy base during the time of Louis ? I think 17/18 century
    We went by train from Bordeaux.