Friday, 14 May 2010

Bordeaux by night

Early this morning we were woken by a screaming woman in the street below (yet to determine why she was screaming), and after a good 30 minutes of constant shrieking, the sound of police sirens put the noise to an end. Being the good folk we are, we sat in the room stipulating interesting stories that could induce such screaming, hopefully it wasn't anything serious!

Today we walked along the river front on a fabulous path where all the locals were roller blading past gardens and playgrounds finally arriving to an area with shops and restaurants where we had our best meal yet. As it was ANOTHER public holiday today we decided to dine with the locals. For lunch we shared fresh oysters served with lemon. For the main Kim had Salmon, Kate had Cod and I ordered what I thought were scallops but ended up with a mystery white fish... all served on mashed potato with olives and julienne spring vegetables with a pale of bread (literally). We had our first glass of real champagne (delicious) and shared a bottle of white wine over the course of lunch. It was an unexpected feast of seafood, that sent us home for an afternoon siesta.

Tonight we boarded a night bus tour, which took us through the main regions of the city. At dusk the buildings turned a golden colour as the sun started setting, by night fall the buildings were an array of colours, lit from different angles enhancing their presence in the city. Unfortunately our photos don't do justice to the glowing buildings in the town, but the city by night is magic!

Lets hope the sun stays out again tomorrow!

Love Ros, Kate and Kim

P.S. I came home a bit embarrassed today after buying some fruit from the supermarket. After a lengthy process of mis-communication and many return visits to the register to pay for my food. I finally worked out that to buy fruit, you have to pick it from the box, look at the code of the fruit (in French), go and put the fruit on the weighing scales, enter in the code of your fruit, print out the cost ticket, put fruit in bag, label bag and present the labelled and priced bags to check-out-chick! Lets just say I"ll be buying my fruit from the market from now on!

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