Sunday, 16 May 2010

Its not all about food you know!

Today we took a tour to the wineries of Bordeaux. Driving through the green fields of grapevines and beautiful château’s was pleasant. Our first stop was a winery in a Chateau, as we waited out front to enter, our tour guide received a phone call from the owner saying they were out having lunch! We all got back on the bus whilst she phoned to find another winery for us to visit. Soon after we called into a Château Cloid de Madeline where it took ages for the guide to discuss the process of making wine. We began in the vineyards and ended up in the tasting room only to get two small tastings of a very nice red wine. Bit bloody different to the Barossa Valley! Talked with a nice Dutch couple and couldn't help telling them about our wineries. They already knew, as their son had just returned from travelling around Australia for a year.

The day was finally made when we called into a little medieval village of Saint Emilion, named after a Benedictine monk who lived in a cave there in the year 750. The cobblestone streets were hard to walk on as well as being steep and winding, but a surprise was around every bend, another little outdoor restaurant under the trees or a view over the roof tops of the quaint old hamlet which was surrounded by the vineyards. We went underground into a labyrinth of catacombs of an 11th century church, Eglise Monolithe, which was carved out of limestone. More history to adsorb...and more medieval walls and gates to take photos of.

We drove home through the Dordogne Valley. Luckily it doesn't get dark here until 9.30 so we still had time to find a bistro for a glass of wine and cup of tea before returning to our beautiful petite abode at L"Opera Hotel. As we said before, the worst hotel but at the best address. We are opposite the Le Grand Theatre, Louis Vuitton showroom is around the corner as well as La Fayette, Givenchy, Cartier etc etc.

Bordeaux has a lot to offer, of course the French think their wine is the best as it is Natural and the older it gets the better it tastes. We are still trying to prove them wrong.


A demain!

Ros, Kate & Kim xxx

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  1. Think Saint Emilion is just the retirement place we've been looking for! Magic. xx joy