Saturday, 15 May 2010

Its all about the food!

For those of you who think the French are arrogant Frogs, I have to say, we have only seen the pleasant side of the Frogs. On numerous occasions they have helped us out, carried luggage up the stairs at the train station, helped me find my glasses after leaving them on a bus, being patient as we try to speak the language and smiling at us as we try to fill a box too small for its contents to post to Australia so it doesn't cost us a fortune.

Today for something different we walked and ate (in that order), another wonderful meal here in Bordeaux! Kate and myself had a goats cheese salad with stewed apples and bacon and Kim chose an Italian salad with baby mozzarella and parma-ham, tomato and lots of greens for lunch. It was absolutely delicious. We had to laugh while we were eating, discussing how we all perk up and get excited over our meals almost more than we do when we see a beautiful view or magnificent piece of architecture. But what's France without its food?

There is always something new to see, another church, another boutique, another ancient street. We stumbled upon a wedding in one of the city's squares, and spent some time people watching from a cafe (which resulted in consumption of dessert, Kim had raspberry clafoutis, I had a fig tart and Kate had warm chocolate fondant cake). The sun was out and a folk group played their music to next us as we gazed at strangers. On our other side sat two old men, each with a small dog tucked into their jackets. People really do take their dogs everywhere, into shops, on the trains and into restaurants! Not just dogs, we have seen people walking the streets with their cats. A pillow we admired in one jewellery shop turned out to be a sleeping dog!

Ces't tout pour maintenant!

Love Kate, Kim and Ros xxx

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