Monday, 17 May 2010

Last day in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is an18th century architectural gem, 150 hectares is under the world heritage site, its easy to get a sore neck from gazing at the tall buildings with their iron balconies, the statues, churches and monuments which are everywhere.

This morning we walked to the Musee de beaux arts. Apart from the fact that it was free admission it was really interesting and we enjoyed the paintings and sculptures from the 16th to 20th centuries heaps more than the Louvre.

Next we went to the Gallery of Arts which was expensive to enter and held little interest to us. At least the buildings themselves are exceptional.

After a long walk we found the Public Jardins where we had a picnic of baguettes in the sunshine. The gardens were beautiful and green with lakes and childrens playgrounds including an old fashion carousel and all surrounded by a huge black and gold fence. We spent most of the afternoon there.

Kim is now sporting a rather large blue, black lump on her forehead due to the fact that she walked out of the lift into a glass door this afternoon! Once I stopped laughing, I checked that she was OK. Bad bad mother!

It will be sad to leave Bordeaux tomorrow, its such a special city, you must all come if you get the chance.

Bon nuit from Bordeaux.

Ros, Kate & Kim xxx

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