Thursday, 6 May 2010

We're Back!


Blog #1 seemed to have hit the dust, so we have re-invented. Here is blog #2! Not sure what happened, but happy to hear you all missed us because we were pretty devistated!

My email has been playing up since arriving in France, I was able to receive emails but not send them, Kate has since fixed the problem and I am back into the swing of things, keep and eye out for my address in your inbox with the link to this new blog!

Boy have you all missed things since the blog has been M.I.A.! Us big girls have been on the TGV (euro rail) and are now residing in Tours in the Loire Valley (not without a few difficulties and a complete f*** up of our itinerary.....). In short, Paris was freezing! As we are hoping to return in a few weeks, we will enjoy it in the warmer weather.

Today we arrived in Tours, a beautiful town, that we have walked around all day. Tours population is 300, 000. A university town, has tiny cobble stone streets lined with century old buildings and cathedrals. Every corner we turn is another delight to behold! Everything is within walking distance and it is all so pretty, the river, the parks the patisserie, the music shops. More importantly the wine is cheap! After 6 days of attempting French, we are finally starting to understand and communicate a little more. We are even starting to get things we think we are ordering in cafes.

And Joy if you didn't get to read the last post on blog #1, that wine opener is a life saver!

Lets hope blog #2 has a longer life-span! Love to hear from you all!

Ros, Kate and Kim xxx

P.S. Sean (fellow Alliance student) we are so sorry we missed you in Paris, we tried to contact you but as you can read the email didn't work. Have a wonderful holiday. Can't wait to hear all about it!


  1. Gooday you lucky people!!

    Received your new blog load and clear -

    Tour sounds like a really nice place to be - and sounds soooo French!!

    Keep off the wine - it is no good in France you know - they only invented it or something!

    Enjoy and stay safe

    Osmob xx

  2. G'day!

    Great to see you are all having a fantastic time, besides your travel hic-up.

    Dad and I are just enjoying a cup of tea, it's getting colder each morning you wake up here. Andrew starts his big adventure from Perth to Adelaide on Sunday, we sent him on his way with some well wishes and best of luck. Not alot to report here, except the crows need to beat Richmond for the wooden spoon round. Its all over the media at the moment.

    Must go now, take care and enjoy everything on offer to your good selves.

    Love from Mezza and Bazza

  3. Hi girls,

    Great to see all is going well, and are these all pics you have taken yourselves? Great story so far, Ros if you are writing in this please watch your spelling, a couple of fairly bad mistakes in blog number 2 that are a bit dissapointing considering your BHS background. The ghost of Dulcie Perry will be watching over you!
    We are all thinking of you and Leeann and I have decided to drink more wine in an effort to feel more French and try and share the experience.

    Its currently 4.50 pm Saturday afternoon here and there are 19 members of the Bull Creek Leeming Football club in our backyard, celebrating their 2nd win of the season, and a lot of yelling going on. Hopefully the outpooring of testosterone will get rid of the beetles in the lawn.
    Girls while you are having such a fantastic experience I am sure you wont forget..... the guy back at your place, I am sure he is missing you all, we tried calling him and the phone was diverted to the Stormy Summers School of Dance!

    Love Chris and all....