Friday, 21 May 2010

Market Day in Annecy

We began today with an early cruise on lake Annecy, a little cloudy and overcast saw the snowy mountains covered, as para-gliders floated in and out of the clouds. We finished the cruise and headed towards the old part of town along the canals, where there was the Friday morning food markets. With fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, breads, olives, cheese and flowers. It was a very busy time of morning, all the locals were vying for a place in front of the best stall, and trying to buy the best radishes, artichokes and tomato plants. It was a great sight to see.

We tasted some local fromage, and surveyed the stalls taking in all the smells and sights of such wonderful fresh produce. We brought some great tomato and olive tapenade (which in confusion and ended costing $13 Euro for a few 100grams), but we had it for lunch with some fresh baguette and it was delicious.

Later in the afternoon when the sun finally made an appearance, we wondered the streets for some retail therapy, found some wonderful shops, bakeries, gourmet biscuit and chocolate shop, shoe shops, clothing, more food and plenty of cafes. We had a jug of vin at a local creperie where Kim had her first authentic chocolate crepe. And after a short stroll we had dinner at a restaurant along the canal in the final hours of sunlight.

Hopefully we get some more sun in the sky tomorrow as it is our last full day in Annecy before heading back to take in some more of Paris on the 23rd. Lets hope the trains are working without hassle this time!

Amour à tous.

Ros, Kate & Kim xxx

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