Monday, 3 May 2010

Freezing our brassiers off!

Today we woke at and early 2:30am, still trying to adjust to Paris time zone! A slight nap, some chocolate croissants and a few tea and coffees later we dressed for a cold and rainy day in Paris. What we thought was cold....turned into freezing. A comfortable 8 degrees outside, with nothing but rain jackets (thanks to those who told us not to bring winter getup as its spring, the best time of the year). Broken umbrellas in hand, we walked to St Louis and the Ile de la Cite, where the Notre Dam is situated, an amazing building.

We then walked along the Seine river, hands frozen around the umbrella handles, trying to find gaps to hide from the freezing wind. We eventually came to the Louvre, which was surprisingly open. Everything has been closed since we got here because of the May 1st long weekend. We decided to go into the louvre while we were there, and once we were inside, realised that so did every other tourist in Paris, as every other monument, museum and point of interest was closed. So a brief tour of the louvre, and a glance at Mona (with a few thousand of our closest friends) we were more than ready to leave, uninspired and a little underwhelmed.

A brisk walk (because it was so freezing) led us to a small cafe where we tried our best to order lunch. We walked back to the 3rd Arrondissement, the Le Marias district where our apartment is. We picked up a few supplies for a cold night in, a few nice cheeses, wine and the patisserie down the street drew us in with more interest than the Louvre, where we each left with a chocolate éclair or two. We discovered a quaint Jewish area that was full of Jewish bakeries and lines of people waiting for a warm lunchtime meal (you were right Darren!).

After all the walking we did today, we have to end up like those skinny French bitches!

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  1. Keep the photos coming, thought you might be in the Marais, this is where we stayed.
    To save walking there is a ferry/boat that goes along the Seine, about 12 or 15 euro, cant remember which that drops off and picks up all along the Seine at the vantage points. We got ours by the jardin du plants which may be your nearest stop. Used it to go to the Eiffel Tower.