Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Vin Region...

We are now in Bordeaux after a great trip on the clean, efficient, fast and roomy (1st Class) TVG. The landscape was lush and green. We managed to navigate the maze of the hectic train station and caught a cab to our hotel.... worst house on the best street situation.
The lift, like the hotel was very small and could only take one of us at a time with our luggage to the 4th floor. After a very long entrance to our hotel waiting for each person to get to the room, which was small, clean, small, tidy, small and canola yellow, did we mention small? We managed to find a place to put our luggage (out in the passage way)

As we arrived in the evening we spent the last few hours of daylight wondering around the picturesque town in what seems to be a very up market area.

With such a small room its hard to entertain yourself before bed time, but we managed. Hopefully we have more exciting news tomorrow.

Mon dieu, C'est Affreux, Pardon mwa, Quel dommage, Tant Pis!

Ros, Kate, Kim xox

A packet of dried apricots and a small room wasn't the best of ideas.....


  1. LOVE those photos. They cracked me up. Did you all really have to sleep in one bed?
    Looks like you are all having a great time and experiencing a lot. I am very jealous.
    Hi to all. Mel xoxo

  2. You guys crack me up - keep it up! xxx