Saturday, 29 May 2010


Every time we go out into our little narrow street there is a different restaurant open, they seem to spring up from no where. Right by the two large entrance doors to our apartment where it has been quiet all week, we discovered a restaurant/bar that kicked on all night last night. Most of the people are out on the street so its loud and it felt as though our beds were bang smack in the bar.

So, we had a lazy day today, wont bore you with the details as it is the same ol same ol. Walk your socks off...getting to be a bit of a bore isnt it? Another Basillica, another 17 crt gold statue, more roads leading to more ancient buildings. More cobblestone streets to climb along. More of the Parisian stalls with the Paris handbags, statues of the Eiffel tower and postcards of Mona Lisa. Ho Hum! Another bridge with 25 bronze statues.....AND THEN WE DISCOVERED A HOME MAKER SHOWROOM! What fun, they had really nice light fittings, curtains and home fittings and fixtures, bit like a trip to IKEA. We had to drag ourselves out.

Later in the afternoon we ate in a Korean restaurant before watching buskers in the square.

Tomorrow we train it to Montpellier where the weather is 27c. Its currently cold and raining here in Paris and everyone is getting caught up with Tennis fever and Eurovision.

Love Ros, Kate & Kim xxx

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  1. Hello girls auntie /Leeann here,have been having my coffee with you most mornings and loving it. Love the photos and stories cant stop smiling for you. Have small request for photos of french males just to compare with aussie variety as am writing paper on topic! LOVE YOU ALL enjoy enjoy enjoy lots of love auntie/Leeann xxx everybody says HI