Friday, 28 May 2010

The Can Can is a dont dont!

Early Thursday morning we met our bus for a day trip to Chateau de Versailles built in the17th century by Louis XIV. It was raining, but that didn't deter us, we hopped onto the top of the double decker for a good view and within half an hour we reached the Palace with 700 rooms, 67 staircases and 352 chimneys and I could probably tell you a lot more if THERE WAS'NT A STRIKE WHICH PREVENTED US FROM SEEING ANYTHING INSIDE.

As I said it was raining, we had a look at the gardens which are so beautiful but not a day for taking photos. I felt bad for the girls as I have seen it before. But, cant help bad luck, we were back in Paris early so had a nice lunch and visited the Pompidou Centre which is right near our apartment. Its a very radical architectural building housing modern museums, cinemas and more. It was really good. Outside in the square we found more buskers which are always entertaining.

I hate to say it but we walked a long way in the rain again yesterday, its getting to the point where we walk past Notre Dam without a second glance. We weave in and out of the motorbikes parked everywhere and past the homeless without a gawk, we have stopped looking up at every building and church because we are almost saturated with history. So last night we downloaded Desperate Housewives and 3 of us sat in the bed and watched 2 and half hours of rubbish and thoroughly enjoyed it.

This morning the sun shone again! We walked to the Jardin Du Luxembourg where we had a picnic lunch in the gardens. Some of the nicest things in life are free. We walked through the Latin Quarters where narrow winding streets house Latin restaurtants displaying their food to entice the throngs of tourists. It was hard to resist the smell of chickens roasting out on the cobblestone streets, tapas, a large pig on a spit with the juices dripping on to the vegetables below and seafood with huge crabs displayed on strings....still moving awaiting the pot.

Big night tonight..we were booked into the Moulin Rouge. Our opinions of the night slowly soured as we were hearded to our table like cattle and given 30 minutes to eat a 3 course meal that was .. how would you say...expensive and 2nd rate. It was dissapointing to see a show with great costumes but not that good with the dancing. All the songs were mimed. Kate and Kim hated the way animals were used in the show. The snakes were taped up so they wouldn't poo in the pool where they swam with a topless girl. A dog was performing with a ventriloquist but it didnt seem too natural with his act. Some of it was good. But all in all, I think after 120 years its time for a change, Edith would turn in her grave. I Liked it much better years ago when it suited the times.

When we left the Cabaret the streets were filled with life. Open top double decker buses driving tourists around to see the city lights. Traffic everywhere, people and bikes. Paris is a buzz 24/7.

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