Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I'll Salvadore your Dali

Great day today!

We visited the Espace Dali Exhibit at Montmartre where many great artists, poets, writers and escentrics habited. Although it was surrounded by the tourist trap restaurants, artists displaying their paintings and shops, the exhibit was fantastic. We all enjoyed it, especially Kim who has a passion for Dali's work. He had a colourful and imposing presence, was a great draughtsman but an unusual human being. He grew a flamboyant moustache which became an iconic trademark of his appearance for the rest of his life

Perched at the top of Montmartre is the Sacre Coeure (Sacred Heart) Basilica, Its huge! We found it particularly interesting as it was modern compared to all of the medieval churches we have visited. Outside was one of the most spectacular panoramic views of Paris. And where ever there is a tourist there is action. Lots of entertainment from singers and buskers of all descriptions.

Late this afternoon we visited the Forum des halles, use to be the cities main food market but now a five story shopping centre. It took a few hours and lots of Euros for us to get out, and even then we didnt see it all. Richard, please send more money!

We are still entertained by the ways of the French. Dogs seem to have a status above many humans, its still a shock to see them in restaurants, trains and walking with their owners through crowds of people. It's almost cruel. Smoking.....everyone smokes....especially whilst walking along busy areas. Skinny bitches smoke in restaurtant's whilst they consume a shot of espresso, then they toddle off on their 4" stilettoes looking absolutely fabulous. They NEVER eat! All French people look lean and attractive.

love Ros, Kate & Kim xxx

As Salvadore once said. "There is no use trying to be a perfectionist. You will never reach it!"

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