Saturday, 8 May 2010

Leonardo, Bruce and Mick.

Bon jour madames and monsieurs from beautiful Tours in the heart of the Loire valley.

Today we did a chateau excursion with an English speaking guide. Met early this morning and lo and behold there were some Aussies in the small group. The first to introduce himself was Bruce!!!! Yep Bruce from the back of beyond. (Sorry, but it tickled our fancy). Our first stop for the day was a magnificent chateau called Chenonceau. Cest magnifique! It was huge with the most beautiful garden of manicured trees, vegetables and flowers all surrounded by low hedges of apple plants. The Chateau was enormous and every room had displays of flowers from the gardens. One, an especially large bowl of red white and blue flowers to celebrate D day today. The guide was fantastic and informative, the history interesting.

Next, into the wine caves for a bit of wine tasting and lunch. Some of the wines in the caves dated back to 1945, 600E a bottle. Oh la la. At lunch in the caves we tasted reds and whites with local cheeses. All tres bon but I think Maggie Beer would give them a run for their money on the Pate. Didnt tell them though....cause we had to nip off to another chateau.

The next Chateau D'Amboise the first expression of renaissance in the Loire Valley, as awe inspiring as the first and so interesting especially as Leonardo Da Vinci was buried here. The chapel built in flamboyant gothic style was exquisite. But...your not here to be educated as we were, so next we were off to Chateau do Clos Luce where Leonardo spent his last years, he died in 1519 at he age of 64. Mon Dieu! What a clever guy, he invented the ball bearing long before its use. (Among many other things of course) He painted the face of his gay lover when painting pictures of women, but not on the Mona Lisa.

On the way back we called into see Mick Jagger, he wasnt home. Left a note.

It doesnt get dark here until 9.30pm! Called into the boulangier on way to our appartment for usual smelly cheese and baguette (tart or two) and fell into bed early after a most fantasteek day. By the way...Bruce didnt come home with us. Ha! Mick might call in later!

Bon Soir mon amis. A demain. xxxx

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